Advice on emotional competencies and methodologies of constructive dialogue to educational centers and other organisations

Provide centers and work teams with contents, resources and tools of emotional management, consensus, and prevention and constructive treatment of possible conflicts


A research group from the University offers advice to all institutions and entities such as teachers' and professors' cloisters, parents' associations, town councils or social services and other organizations, for training in emotional skills and prevention and constructive treatment of possible difficulties and conflicts in the interpersonal relationships of the groups.

The purpose is to respond to the needs related to the well-being, cohesion and emotional management of the groups and their constituents, and to provide resources, methodologies and dynamics to improve coexistence and enhance the well-being and quality of huma relationships in centers, teams and organizations that request it.

Therefore, it is intended to provide theoretical contents and basic practical resources to:

  • Help to identify, recognize and understand the emotions, feelings and thoughts of themselves and others
  • Design work proposals to intelligently regulate emotions and develop dynamic integrative dialogues
  • Prevent and constructively deal with possible conflicts inherent in human relationships
  • Encourage assertive attitudes and communication in interpersonal relationships.

In collaboration with:

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