Philosophical, humanistic and linguistic support and advice to companies, institutions and social collectives

Support to companies that need philosophical, humanistic and linguistic advice


The way we talk or write can determine the way society perceives us. Any company or institution that has to show itself to the public to make itself known, provide services or sell its products must take care of the way it is expressed.

For this reason, at the University there is a research group that makes available to companies and interested collectives advice and encourage the capacity for reflection, analysis, critical thinking and dialogue. The capacity for oral and written expression is also facilitated, based on the understanding of rhetoric and oratory concepts.

Its main lines of action are focused on:

  • Stimulate reflection and thought applied to social and labor reality.
  • Advice on improving communication and expression of people and collectives.
  • Transmission and knowledge of rhetoric and oratory techniques.
  • The revision and update of the foundational models and concepts of our society.

In collaboration with:

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