Drafting of drug addiction prevention and intervention plans and programs

Design and implementation of plans and programs against drug dependence

One of the main public health problems is the consumption of narcotic substances among the population. In addition, several national studies confirm that consumption begins at an earlier age.

Fighting against this problem is a complex task. For this reason, a research group at the University specialized in the area of ​​drug dependence focuses its actions on the development of awareness, prevention and intervention plans in the field of drug dependence. The objective of these plans is to prevent and reduce drug use, coordinate the agents involved in this area, sensitize and educate the population, act on drug addicts or train technical and health professional staff working with this sector of the population.

This service is aimed at all those educational centers, hospitals, entities, associations and public administrations interested in implementing measures and actions against drug addiction.

Our experience

This research group was recognized with a special mention in the XXI edition of the Reina Sofía awards against drugs with its study "Assessment of the attitudes and professional knowledge in nurses towards alcohol and drug addiction care".

The work focuses on the health care of the Emergency, Short Stay and Mental Health units of the Balearic hospitals with the aim of describing the perceptions, knowledge and attitudes of the nursing staff towards alcoholic and drug dependent patients.

Premi Gibed

Likewise, the research group in collaboration with other institutions has prepared a guide for professional educators with a plan of action and prevention actions for alcohol consumption among young people aged 14 to 18 titled "Guide for educators and health professionals. Leisure with meaning. Leaders controlling risks in the face of collective alcohol consumption among young people "

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