2013 Wireless remote control for rehabilitation

A handheld wireless device that detects movement and force by hand thanks to force and pressure sensors.

Mando de fuerza-Perales

A wireless remote control capable of detecting both accelerations and movements such as rotations of the hand, as well as strength, due to force and pressure sensors.

The command gives us a precise and accurate reading of the force, which will then be interpreted by a software as well as information on location of the hand and acceleration exerted by the user.


The device can be used as a tool in treating some diseases related to motor skills and hand and arm muscle injuries. For example, in the case of Parkinson, the remote control is able to measure the frequency of tremors to know the status and process of development of the disease.

In addition, it can be used in the entertainment industry as a remote control for consoles.

Main advantages

  • Portability. By using a battery, low weight and a wireless transmission, the remote control works without being physically connected to any device or outlet. This allows greater mobility for the user and, consequently, the movement of the user within the exercise room
  • Price. The remote control devce is low cost compared to the devices available on the market
  • Low power consumption
  • Ergonomic design. It offers comfort and efficiency to the user
  • Compatible with any computer system (Windows, Mac, Tablet, iPad, Smartphones)


  • Transmission of data wirelessly, specifically via Bluetooth. This allows sending previously collected from the sensors data, that are already filtered, amplified and digitized
  • Measure selectively the force of the fingers, using five individual sensors
  • Gyroscope,that indicates the real-time 3D positioning 
  • Robust and anatomical design, which ensures extended and reliable use 
  • Software configurable for measuring the appropriate values according to the selected application
  • Ability to detect the correct position of the hand and each finger when measuring the force
  • Ability to measure force exerted by the thumb and its movement (up and down and to the sides)

Comments related to the state of development

A prototype is available, as well as a software for validation and measurement of the data obtained by the portable remote control.

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