System for detecting and monitoring pests in agricultural crops and forest plantations

Design and implementation of a trap system that allows detecting insect populations and monitoring environmental variables for efficient management of crops and plantations.


Precision agriculture refers to the application of new information technologies (ICT) to agricultural tasks in order to improve crop productivity and reduce environmental impact. This type of agriculture is a very innovative field that requires the development of technologies that facilitate the automation of routine processes.

A group of researchers from the UIB has developed an electronic tracking device that can photograph any insect and send the image through a wireless communication system to a server, from where the captures can be tracked using a computer program. It is a prototype with humidity and temperature sensors that works with a solar energy power source. The data obtained allow farmers to decide whether or not to perform insecticide treatments, and right time and in area for them. The trap also records ambient humidity and temperature, sends data automatically, provides accurate information, and tracks weather factors important for both the pest cycle and insecticide treatments at short intervals.

Innovacions i avantatges

  • It obtains data in real time on the evolution of the pest and, therefore, the decision making on the need for treatment of the crops is more precise.

  • It detects and monitors the pest automatically, thereby saving the farmers resources in the form of unnecessary travel and, at the same time, it makes the process of applicating insecticides easear in terms of location and timing.

  • It is easily adaptable to different insect pests.

  • Reduces the frequency of application of insecticides against pests to crops.

Invention status

This technology has been implemented in a vineyard to detect the olive fly and is currently available for demonstration purposes.

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