Advice on perinatal nutrition

Possible developments in the optimization of bioactive components of breast milk by improving mothers feeding.

During perinatal development, that is, during pregnancy and lactation, nutrition and environmental stimuli can induce changes to the fetus or the baby that condition the characteristics of their metabolism in long term, and the susceptibility to suffer chronic diseases such as obesity.

A healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy and lactation increases the breast milk quality, improves its composition and contributes bioactive components that are very beneficial to the baby.


Leptin is a hormone that modulates both intake and expend energy. Alterations in the production or in the receptors of this hormone can cause diseases such as obesity in humans. If the infant does not ingest sufficient amounts of the hormone during breastfeeding (either because it follows an artificial lactation or because breast milk does not contain enough), when the baby grown it will probably have a greater predisposition to develop obesity, diabetes and other alterations.

UIB researchers have developed and patented nutritional supplements based on leptin for the prevention and / or treatment of excess body fat. The company that has the exploitation rights of this patent is the derivative company of the UIB Alimentómica.

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