Performing of nutrigenetic analyzes for the design of personalized diets

Identification of the individual genetic characteristics for the customized diets preparation adapted to the genetic profile of each person.

Although the genome is almost identical in all individuals of the human species, there are small variations in DNA that affect appearance, character and health. The study of these variations and their interaction with the diet allows us to know which nutrients or dietetic components are most suitable for each individual, and what is their genetic predisposition to suffering certain pathologies related to diet, obesity, diabetes or atherosclerosis, among others.

A research group from the UIB is expert in nutrigenetic counselling and in carrying out this type of analysis. It does not consist in a diagnostic test or analysis but in an investigation of characteristics and nutrigenetic possibilities emerging in each person. This information can help improve eating habits and increase the quality of life in a more effective way, especially when it is in the hands of endocrine, dietitian or nutritionist.

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