Study and analysis of cultivated plants and natural vegetation in Mediterranean conditions

Study of plants biology in Mediterranean conditions, especially Balearic Islands endemic species.

The plants biology is strongly determined by the environment where they are developed. Mediterranean conditions represent very specific factors which natural vegetation and crops have been adapted according to interesting modifications. The study of the mechanisms that allow the adaptation of the plants to the drought, high solar bright exposure and thermal oscillations, among others, are of great interest for the Agronomy and the Biotechnology.

As an added value, the UIB has a radioisotope service applied to plants physiology. Isotopes have several applications in the plant physiology field, some examples are the identification of water stress situations through isotopic oxygen discrimination, or the diseases origin determination such as the blue tongue through the isotopic study of animal feeding.


The UIB and Geoma Cen Company have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of developing specific actions of research and scientific dissemination about the fields of geophysics applied to agriculture and Mediterranean plants physiology; specifically to deepen in the knowledge of the importance of the electric field of the soil in the agricultural crops


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