Detection and analysis of organisms and microorganisms

Identification and analysis of organisms and microorganisms indicators and pathogens in humans, animals and plants, as well as in samples of water, soils, food and/or industrial products.

Indicator organisms and microorganisms are agents whose presence indicates certain conditions, such as diseases, pollution, water quality, etc.  Pathogens are all organisms found in a host that can cause damage or disease. These pathogens are responsible for significant economic losses in the industry, as well as generating public health problems. 

The UIB has an expert staff in the detection and analysis of external and internal organisms and microorganisms present in people, animals, plant samples and buildings. It also has equipment necessary to determine pathogens in water samples, food and/or industrial products.


The Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries and the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) collaborate on a research project that aims to develop strategies to eradicate and control Xylella fastidiosa, a type of bacteria that causes disease in various plants.

The objective of this project is to know the variability, propagation methods, the species it can affect and the potential vectors that this bacteria has in Spain.

Xylella fastidiosa

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