Epidemiology nutritional studies

The study of nutritional epidemiology allows to determine the role of the diet in the appearance and development of diseases in the population.

Nutrition epidemiology is the study of the connection between diet and health from a population perspective, that is, the amount of individuals who present a certain disorder (prevalence) and the frequency of occurrence of new cases (incidence). The nutritional analysis of diet and the study of eating habits and other health-related phenomena, such as physical, biological, social or cultural factors, allow more effective preventive and health promotion interventions.

A research group from the UIB is expert in the elaboration of sociodemographic surveys to assess the state of health variables in a population and at a specific time to monitor the prevalence and risk factors of diseases associated with food and nutrition

This service includes:

  • Carry out epidemiological reports on nutrition and diet
  • Planning and development of nutrition programs and dietary habits for health promotion and diseases prevention
  • Identification of factors influence on nutrition
  • Food surveys design and interpretation 


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