Detection of radionuclides in environmental samples

Determination of natural and artificial radionuclides in samples of water, air, soil, sediments and food.

Radioactivity is a naturally occurring phenomenon in the environment. Moreover, artificial radionuclides are delivery into the environment by anthropogenic activities. Thus, we provide services to external and internal users in the determination of radionuclides in different types of environmental samples (e.g. water, air, soil, sediments and food) as well as in the design of automated radiochemical separation methods.


Our group, through the UIB official "Laboratory of Environmental Radioactivity - LaboRA", by a collaboration agreement with the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) for more than 25 years, participates in an environmental radiological surveillance programme dedicated to the detection of abnormal variations in the levels of radioactivity present in the environment. The artificial and natural radionuclides are controlled in several kind of samples, such as soil, air, water and food.


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