Vineyards integral management using new technologies applications for the wine improvement

Integral grapevine monitoring and management from the grape cultivation to the wine elaboration.

The global process understanding, the plants ecophysiology knowledge and their hydric and nutritional needs monitoring exponentially increase efficiency, productivity and the quality of the final product.

This service includes:

  • Study of physical, biological and chemical factors that affect the vine cultivation. Eg: climatic conditions, nutritional requirements, etc.
  • Water uses optimization and equipment implementation for irrigation control.
  • New technologies application in order to monitoring and control grape production. Eg: use of drones, infrared thermography, etc.
  • Experimental winery: wine production under specific conditions and new products evaluation in small-scale vine cultivation. The optimal results obtained can be reproduced on large scale.
  • Pruning techniques advice and diseases treatment.
  • Radioisotopes application for the study of the carbon footprint and the water imprint on the vine and grapes.
  • Vineyards clonal selection: genetic studies to select the best plants.
  • Analysis of grape and wine quality parameters and study of their organoleptic properties such as flavor, color or aroma.


A research group from the UIB have signed a collaboration agreement with Franja Roja company to carry out a comprehensive study of the viticultural behavior of the Majorcan native varieties in the DO Binissalem. The objectives of this collaboration are to encourage and expand knowledge in the field of innovation, development and research within the agri-food industry.


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