Farm excess byproducts revaluation

Make the most of fruits and vegetables waste for compost extraction of industrial interest.

The horticultural industry generates large quantities of by-products rejected due to a lack of subsequent use. These by-products, usually skins, pits, seeds and remains of pulp of fruits and vegetables, are very rich in phenolic compounds that have a high antioxidant capacity.

The reuse and exploitation of agricultural surpluses allows the bioactive substances extraction important for the agri-food industry, as well as food fiber and other components that can be incorporated into juices or other foods to lead to the development of functional foods.


The UIB has signed a collaboration agreement with Cooperativa Agrícola from Sóller to study the feasibility of the use of orange surpluses or its residues as raw material for the dietary fibre supplements production.

This project arises from the need to find solutions for the orange canoneta waste disposal, a citrus used in the Balearic Islands to make juice.


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