Food industry processes improvement

Use of high power ultrasound for the food processes improvement such as food drying and biocompost extraction.

New technologies application in the agri-food industry, such as high power ultrasound, significantly reduces the time of processes of drying and extraction of biocompost without altering the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the final product.

The drying process is common in food preservation and consists in eliminate water, which is an ideal environment for the growth of microorganisms. The ultrasound with heat or pressure combination allows inactivate highly resistant heat pathogenic bacteria and enzymes in an efficient way.

On the other hand, and as an added value, the UIB has the necessary technical and scientific equipment to carry out studies of quality and shelf life of food.


The researchers at the UIB have developed and patented a new procedure to avoid the olive oil crystallization all storage time at low temperatures. This process allows to extend the shelf life of the product, as well as maintaining its sensory quality.

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