Simulation of future scenarios starting from the study of past meteorological and climatological information

Study and simulation to know possible future climate scenarios based on the past climatic information.

The historical analysis of meteorological and climatological information allows to analyze the tendency of certain parameters and estimate the effect of climate change on different activities, either at local, regional or global level. Based on the key parameters analyzed according to the study scenario, it can be predicted, for example, what will be the tourist potential of a region, or what leisure activities will be the most appropriate and attractive for tourists - sports such as golf or cycling, nautical tourism, etc.

In addition to the tourism sector, others sectors such as agriculture or health, can be benefited by these studies. Thus, the analysis of parameters such as the temperature or precipitation of a region can provide a forecast of the agricultural potential production in the next years. On the other hand, the study of the intensity and frequency of extreme phenomena (heat / cold waves or environmental parameters that benefit or aggravate certain diseases, etc.) is essential to the planning of measures for human health, wildlife and flora.

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