Tool for decision-making assistance in the field of information technology

Decision making support for Chief Information Officers (CIO).

Development of a tool to aid decision making for CIOs (Chief Information Officers), based on dashboards, which aims to help the implementation of the ISO / IEC 38500 standard. This tool allows a CIO controlling the daily governance of IT, since it can store and control the information about the IT plans and IT policies, as well as the proposals, requirements and needs that may come from senior management or business units. Additionally, incorporates functions to monitor off-line a series of indicators and alarms coming from IT management and operation, through import, export and graphical functionalities.

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AlineaTIC is a decision-making support tool for CIOs that aims to help the implementation of the ISO / IEC 38500 standard. It is a web application that allows a CIO or the personnel in charge of these functions to control day by day the ICT control, being able to store and control plans information and policies of the ICT control, as well as the proposals and needs that may come from management or business. Additionally, it incorporates the necessary tools to be able to monitor the performance of ICT Management, thanks to a series of indicators and alarms, in particular a large part of the hundred indicators proposed by the author's bibliographical references Nicholas Spanos.

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