Ocean data steward in the context of the OSTrails HORIZON EUROPE project

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  • Hace 28 días
  • Islas Baleares, ESPAÑA
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28.000 €-39.000 €



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Investigación/Data mining

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OSTrails aims to revolutionise data management and integration in research. Its primary goal is to
facilitate seamless integration and interoperability of research infrastructures with the European
Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It will streamline FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)
in the research ecosystem by embedding connectivity and actionability in the Plan-Track-Assess
stages of research.
A key aspect of OSTrails is the development of methods, tools, services and the establishment of
standards for Science Knowledge Graphs (SKG)1 and FAIRness measurements that enhance interoperability across a diverse range of fields within the research community. These standards
will support the implementation of machine actionable Data Management Plans (maDMPs) that
facilitate the automatic management of data and measurement of impact along the data life cycle.
OSTrails is committed to a co-design approach, ensuring that the tools and methods developed are
practical and effective. To ensure co-design, 24 pilot projects will be implemented to validate, refine
practices and standards and ensure that solutions are versatile and adaptable. The Balearic Islands
Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) is leading one of the pilot projects. SOCIB pilot
will establish an operational resource collection system that facilitates real-time support for glider
operations and comprehensive data management throughout the data lifecycle.
SOCIB is a well-established Research Infrastructure. It is renowned for its commitment to ocean
best practices, open data advocacy, and contributions to sustainable ocean research, particularly in
the realm of autonomous platforms such as ocean glider measurements. With over a decade of
continuous measurements from glider missions along the Balearic Channels, SOCIB has amassed
a wealth of data that significantly contributes to oceanic research. Moreover, SOCIB has experience
designing international digital ecosystems, particularly in projects involving Science Knowledge
Graphs (SKG), as evidenced by its contributions to international projects like JERICO and Blue Cloud.


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