2011 Olive oil conservation at low temperatures without crystallization

A new available technology developed by researchers of University for olive oil conservation at low temperatures without crystallization. The method is protected by a Spanish patent.

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Quick and inexpensive solution to prevent crystallization of extra virgin olive oil in storage at low temperatures preserving its unique features and extending its life.


The oxidation is considered a major cause for the loss of quality of the olive oil and is the determining factor for its expiry. This is a process that occurs when the oil is exposed to direct sunlight or gets in contact with oxygen during production, packaging or storage.

The storage temperature influences the oxidation process and it is known that low temperatures may delay the damage caused by oil oxidation. For these reasons conservation recommendations suggest always to avoid direct sunlight, oxygen and preserve the oil in a cool place (refrigerator temperature between 4 and 6 ° C). The only disadvantage of keeping the olive oil in the fridge is that it causes a crystallization process that makes the golden liquid turn unsightly.

Main advantages

The advantages of this procedure compared to other existing methods are:

  • Prolonged storage and preservation of olive oil to maintain the sensory characteristics of the product (taste intense, fruity, spicy, etc..).
  • Preservation of the product at low temperatures avoiding crystallization.
  • It does not require expensive equipment - commercially available equipment at an affordable price can be used.

Applications & Desired cooperation

The method can be applied for the conservation of extra virgin olive oils from all varieties of olives and especially those with a high degree of acidity. The technology is offered for license to companies engaged in the production and packaging of olive oil.

Comments related to the state of development

So far the procedure has been tested in 40 samples of extra virgin olive oil (acidity 0.7g) OJ Oil Mallorca, Soller, packed in 500ml glass bottles, olive variety - empeltre. The results show that the storage period of this oil in particular, one that due to its acidity is very close to losing the extra virgin category, increases from 6 months to 12 months.

The method has not been tested with plastic containers due to the ease of transfer of components of the container to its contents during the process.

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