2023-2024 Curs de Llengua i Cultura Espanyoles (SEPTEMBER2024)

The Spanish Language and Culture courses of the University of the Balearic Islands pretend to enhance the communication skills of students and to acquire the knowledge of  the Spanish language necessary to communicate fluently with Spanish speakers in the activities of their daily and professional life, as well as becoming familiar with the Spanish culture as a fundamental part of the process of learning the language itself.

To design these courses, the UIB uses as a reference the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, this allows establishing a common base in the teaching and learning of other languages. In this framework, a common system of levels of linguistic competence is proposed, which starts from the division into two levels (A and B) where each one of them include two sub-levels and that are described in terms of general and communicative competences of the students or users when carrying out certain activities with the foreign language (reception, production, interaction or mediation).

Addressed to

The Spanish courses at the different levels are addressed to all adult person who want to learn Spanish.


To reserve your place in the course you must register and do the payment on this website before August 20.

  • If you have a certificate acreditting your Spanish level, you can enroll in the corresponding level.
  • If you don't have a certificate acreditting your Spanish level and you need to take the level test, you must choose in the enrolment process the option "level test" and do the payment. Once you have done the test and we have your results, we'll notify and assign you the corresponding level.

You have to take the level test online, until next August 18. If you are enrolled in the course, you'll receive by email a link with which you can take the test from home.

Once the deadline for carrying out the test has closed, you'll receive the result by email and the information of the assigned group.

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