OMNIACCESS Junior Network Engineer (NaaS)

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  • Illes Balears, Espanya
  • 14317

Número de places



De 8:30 a 17:45 de lunes a jueves, viernes hasta las 15h

Tipus de contracte

Indefinit a temps complet


21.000 €-27.000 €



Àrea funcional


Descripció del lloc

The Junior Network Engineer (NaaS) at our company is an integral part of the Network as a Service (NaaS) team, focusing on the hands-on aspects of hardware and basic IT support for our client vessels' LAN and WLAN management. While advanced networking knowledge is not a prerequisite, some IT background is essential for success in this role.

As a Junior Network Engineer (NaaS), you should expect your daily tasks aligned with assisting the NaaS Engineers to:
Oversee the ticketing and support requests form the customers.
Gather information from customers to solve incidents and requests.
Generate, update, and maintain internal documentation and customers inventories.
Rollout basic configuration changes
Configure new devices to be installed and commissioned.
You will be responsible for the physical setup and maintenance of networking equipment, assisting in the installation process, and ensuring connectivity is always maintained.

Your role is crucial for the smooth, on-the-ground operation of our services, and you will work closely with more experienced network professionals to ensure our NaaS product meets the high standards our clients expect.

Estudis obligatoris

  • Enginyeria en telecomunicació
  • Enginyeria Tècnica de Telecomunicació, especialitat en Telemàtica
  • Enginyeria Telemàtica
  • Enginyeria Telemàtica i Matemàtiques