Junior DEV-OPS

  • Hace 1 mes
  • Islas Baleares, ESPAÑA
  • 10148

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09.00 a 14.00



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The IT DEV-OPS profile primary objective is to control, maintain and support all the processes and IT infrastructure of the MTS Business Intelligence department. Deep technical knowledge, apply the best practices to every BI process, be proactive, take fast/accurate actions based on analytical data and improve processes performance: this are the baseline skills of the IT DEV-OPS profile.

Specifically, you will be responsible for:

Develop management/maintenance/automation tools.
Health control and troubleshooting of the full BI Platform.
Database management, maintenance and performance tuning.
Manage User's security configuration.


  • Inglés - B2 - Requerit

Estudios obligatorios

  • Ingeniería Telemática y Matemáticas
  • Ingeniería Telemática
  • Ingeniería Informática
  • Máster Universitario. Análisis de Datos Masivos en Economía y Empresa
  • Máster Universitario. sistemas Inteligentes