2011 Enclosure elements used in modular prefabricated buildings

Design and development of a enclosing panel used in prefabricated modular buildings.

Cerramiento modular

Design and development of an enclosing for prefabricated modular buildings that solves the problem existing assembly.


The invention solves the existing technical problem, allowing a more comfortable assembly between the panel and the structural elements of the building. This is possible thanks to an enclosure element for modular prefabricated constructions bounded by two opposite side edges (an upper edge and a lower edge opposite to the firs one).

Principals avantatges

The invention provides an enclosure panel for modular prefabricated buildings that allows a more comfortable assembly between the panel and the structural elements.


The described element is limited by edges where one of them is fixed to a rabbet provided with portions adapted to perform connections between the enclosing element and the structural supports panel.

Estat actual

Currently, there is a prototype of this enclosure panel. However, the construction of the prefabricated module is required to be able to test the function of the panels. It is registered as a utility model in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM).

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