2013 Sensorization of panels for the monitoring of modular buildings

Enclosure element used in the prefabricated modular construction to facilitate any kind of control, especially environmental, of the building.

Panel sensorizado

Development of an enclosing element for prefabricated modular construction to facilitate control, especially environmental, but not exclusively, of said building through sensors located on the elements.


This invention incorporates a sensor equipped to perform repetitive measurements of variables at predetermined intervals while allowing configurable environmental control of the building. Variables can be of different nature: humidity, temperature, pressure, vibration, luminance, etc.

The constructional element comprises of transmission means configured to receive measurements from sensors and send them to a control unit, via wireless or cable communication, and is responsible for ordering corresponding control actions.

Principals avantatges

  • User convenient
  • Energy efficient

Aspectes innovadors

  • It has no visual impact, unlike currently used items
  • It does not take up additional space in the building

Estat actual

Currently, this invention is transferred and protected by a Spanish patent.

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