2014 Treatment and prevention of oxalkalcic renal lithiasis

The present invention relates to a composition comprising phytic acid or phytate salt, magnesium in the form of salt, hydroxide or oxide and optionally at least one poilfenol, in order to prevent calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis. These components may be isolated or be part of an enriched plant extract. 


Composition of phytic acid or any of its phytate salts, magnesium and optionally polyphenols which are useful for the treatment of renal lithiasis. The invention further relates to the use of this composition either as a drug, functional food or food supplement.

Main advantages

A combination of the action of an inhibitor of calcium oxalate crystallization with the action of polyphenols, to avoid or reduce injuries of papillary tissue and decrease the number of heterogeneous nucleates and urinary supersaturation of calcium oxalate.


A combination of phytates with polyphenoles and magnesium salts is very beneficial for the treatment of kidney stones, in particular, calcium oxalate, as the capacity to inhibit the crystallisation of calcium salts is added to the beneficial effect presented by polyphenols on papillary lesions from oxidative stress.

Current state

Currently, this invention is transferred and protected by a Spanish patent and a PCT .

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