2014 Dietary supplement derived from cocoa for the prevention of uric lithiasis

The present invention relates to the use of theobromine or its derivatives as a crystallization inhibitor of uric acid to prevent formation of crystals of uric acid in urine and, therefore, nephrolithiasis or uric nephrolithiasis.

The research group led by Dr. Fèlix Grases, professor at the UIB and director of the Renal Lithiasis Research Laboratory, has been working for years on the investigation of a substance that acts as an inhibitor of the crystallization of uric acid but that does not cause effects side effects that may alter other parameters of the patient's health.


The product is based on the discovery of a potent new inhibitor of crystallization of uric acid, reducing the risks and improving the health status of patients with diseases such as uric nephrolithiasis.

For its application in therapy, the new treatment will be in a pharmaceutically acceptable or substantially pure form, excluding normal pharmaceutical additives such as diluents and carriers.

Purity levels for the product  are preferably above 50%, although the preferred embodiment is over 95%.

Actual state

Currently, this invention is transferred and protected by a Spanish patent and a PCT.

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