2014 Method for the prediction and prevention of overweight and its complications by means of analysis of gene expression

Development of a method of prediction and / or prevention of overweight and obesity that allows monitoring the effectiveness of feeding with breast milk or milk containing leptin.


The consumption of fats and foods with high energy density, especially in developed countries, associated with less physical exercise, are the main causes of overweight and obesity.

Therefore, the identification and characterization of new early and solid biomarkers is crucial to make recommendations and personalized nutritional interventions for its prediction and / or prevention.


The present invention analyzes the changes of genes that indicate the probability of suffering from overweight or related alterations. The expression profile of these genes can be used as biomarkers of higher risk of this type of pathologies, which allows to prevent the development of these and pathologies associated with obesity.

The invention also allows monitoring people with a high risk of obesity and its complications to establish a treatment with adequate foods.

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