2012 Device for the automation of analytical methods and system incorporated in the device

The object of the invention is useful for automated analysis methods or a system for automated analytical methods incorporating such device.


The invention consists of two elements: the analysis system and the device that integrates the system. Both are of general application, since it can be used to automate a wide variety of analytical methods for both organic species and for inorganic species.

It can also be applied to various fields: environmental, pharmaceutical, biological, medical, etc.


There are various automatic tools for chemical analysis. One is the technique of analysis by multijeringa injection (MSFIA), the engine is able to move simultaneously up to four syringes individually connected to valves that send the sample and reagents to the piping system. Another tool is known as Lab-on-valve (LOV), which is a new alternative for miniaturization of testing, eliminating the drawbacks relating to ducts caliber.

The combination of both techniques is also known but so far there has been no real integration of LOV design to this analytical method, which means greater automation of the analytical method, a formation of more compact systems and a more comfortable system for the operator in charge of carrying out the tests.

Principals avantatges

  • An integrated device
  • Increased automation of the analytical method
  • Less operator intervention
  • Robust and compact design, isolated from the outside
  • Decrease of final value without performing a transfer of the sample to an external measuring device
  • Reliable and independent operation

Aspectes innovadors

  • Making simultaneous mixtures
  • Faster, allowing work in parallel to the addition of other reagents
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Precise analysis with micromolar level control
  • Reduced reagent consumption

Estat actual

Currently, the present invention is protected by a Spanish patent.

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