2001 Nutritional supplements based on leptin to prevent and / or treat body excess

Application of leptin in food preparations as a nutritional supplement for infants in perinatal period that leads to reduced hunger, and consequently helps prevent and treat overweight, reflecting the benefits in adulthood.

Excess body weight is a very common in developed societies not only aesthetic but health disorder, recently becoming a major problem, because it is associated with an increased risk of developing a number of complications such as respiratory and heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

This invention provides novel applications of the leptin protein as a nutritional supplement in preparations, especially in dairy foods. It involves a study of its effect on the perinatal period and its possible functionality in these early stages.


Leptin is a hormone produced in a wide range of tissues and is known to be an anti-obesity hormone. However, due to numerous studies on this hormone, it has expanded its functionality, finding itself involved in the regulation of various functions such as regulation of food intake, insulin levels, energy balance, etc.

The leptin present in breast milk is absorbed by the stomach of newborns, and afterwords passes to the circulation. When leptin works, it warns our body that it has enough fat reserves, causing decrease of hunger and increase of energy expenditure.

Consequently, the further utility of gastric leptin (the one found in the stomach) is feasible in certain preparations of nutritional food in order to improve its quality and properties thereof given the beneficial effects of leptin on human organism. These preparations are ingestible for infants and children through adolescence and refer to a composition of an infant or child dietetic food product consisting of milk powder or liquid formula.

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The research group that has developed the technology has created a spin-off company called Alimentómica to commercially exploit the results obtained in studies of the leptin protein present in breast milk and continue with the research on the benefits of this protein.

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