Oferta de treball JOB DAY UIB 2020 - German speaking Tour Guide

Oferta de treball
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Who are we? A young (and hip we would like to think) group of people from Mallorca with the most diverse backgrounds. We don't believe in formal, boring meetings. We usually meet and talk while walking in nature, checking the best food in authentic bars, having a drink (or two) and socializing a bit.
What do we do? We create local experiences that are both learning occasions and unadulterated fun. Above all, we like to keep things interesting for both our guests and hosts. Find out more about us here: http://mallorcaurbanadventures.com
What's in for you? Let's start with a part-time contract from April to October with a good pay per hour that we can set up depending on your needs and goals. You only have to work a few hours a day guiding local experiences, so you'll have plenty of time for whatever personal project you might be working on. You'll be involved in one of the coolest projects Palma and Mallorca have to offer and meet loads of interesting people from all over the world. On work, you can enjoy, on top of all that, great natural spots, fancy food, and drinks... Yes, you can drink on the job.
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