Camarero/a Casa Camper Berlin

  • Fa 1 mes
  • Berlin, Alemanya
  • 7693

Número de places




Tipus de contracte

Indefinit a temps parcial


12.000 €-20.000 €

Àrea funcional


Descripció del lloc

Clear verbal communication abilities are needed to interact with customers, management, chefs and waitpersons. Besides German, fluent English is crucial for this position and more language skills are appreciated. A good sense of humor and outgoing personality are good character traits for wait staff. Guaranteeing the highest level of guest satisfaction is the focal point of anyone in wait staff. He / she commonly greets guests immediately as they arrive, takes orders from guests, presents all food items to the guest and takes care of any food and beverage preference of the guest. Main accountabilities 1. Mise en place and set up the tables in their range. 2. Before the start of the service, inform them of the menu of the day, suggestions and bookings for their range. 3. Greet customers on arrival and welcome them. 4. Promote as many sales as possible for the Restaurant. 5. Taking care of the objects of daily use (glassware, crockery, cutlery, etc.). 6. Place the order to the kitchen and cellar by means of the corresponding order. 7. Carry out the service according to the defined rules and protocol. 8. Prioritize any request or need of the clients. 9. Present the invoice to the client when requested and collect the corresponding payment. 10. Inform the Head of Room of any anomalies or faults observed.


  • Alemany - B1 - Requerit

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