JOB DAY UIB 2023 - Next | eDO Tech Graduate Program

  • Fa 1 mes
  • Illes Balears, Espanya
  • 11100

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L-J 9:00 a 18:30 V- 9:00 A 15:00

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Indefinit a temps complet


21.000 €-27.000 €

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eDO is NEXT!
If you’re looking for the best opportunity to start your career in the tech field, then think no more. eDO’s Graduate Program is here to help you and ease all of those questions that arise when you are starting to build your career. At eDO you’ll not only learn and develop but also help to shape the future of travel at one of the world’s biggest online travel companies using cutting-edge technology.

So, what’s NEXT?
NEXT is a one-year graduate program developed by eDreams ODIGEO and designed for those who are about to or have recently graduated with a tech-related degree.
It’s focused on personal learning and development at the same time that wants you to have the real experience of what it is like to work at eDO. No serving coffees or doing copies, here you’ll have the chance to do real work that has an impact on the world. Ok, maybe a cup of coffee or two because they are free at the office and we can always have a quick break.
The main goal here is to learn. So don’t worry if you still don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge. We got your back. During NEXT you’ll be able to develop the technical and soft skills that will help you start your career in technology to later keep growing through our career path. NEXT up, these are some of the things to expect:
Work directly in one of our Agile multidisciplinary teams where you will influence products in one of our many areas, such as our booking experience, payments, searches, and many more, working with cutting-edge technologies, like Java 8 to Java 11, ES6 code, frameworks like Backbone, Javascript libraries like ReactJS, VueJS and Lodash, Big Data (Kafka, Cassandra, Redis, Neo4j…), BigTable, Docker, Google Cloud, Style Sheet preprocessors like SASS, testing frameworks and libraries like Mocha, Chai, Underscore, Automatic Functional Testing (Selenium + Cucumber + NodeJS) or packages and task runners like WebPack, Babel, Grunt, NPM.
A dedicated onboarding and career path, tailored to your needs and goals, with the possibility of choosing a Backend or Frontend path.
Mentoring from experienced peers, with guided training and learning on the job with Senior Developers, Architects, QA Managers, and many more.
A true open culture where feedback is king. We work in an open and collaborative environment where every door is open and any idea is valued.

What can I do NEXT?


If you’re a recent graduate from any tech-related field, such as Computer Science or similar, are fluent in English and you still don’t have a lot of work experience, then what are you waiting for?

Of course, it helps if you have coded before, but more than experience, we’re looking for people with a fresh and proactive attitude with a sharp analytical mindset. You’re basically a go-getter that is always looking for ways to improve and iterate. But most importantly, you’re eager to learn!

This program is not just for our Mallorca offices so you would be able to select other locations

Estudis obligatoris

  • Enginyeria Agroalimentària i del Medi Rural
  • Enginyeria Edificació
  • Enginyeria Electrònica Industrial i Automàtica
  • Enginyeria en informàtica
  • Enginyeria Informàtica
  • Enginyeria Química
  • Enginyeria Telemàtica
  • Matemàtiques