JOB DAY UIB 2023 - Digital & Ecommerce Junior Business Analyst

  • Fa 1 mes
  • Illes Balears, Espanya
  • 10495

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Working closely with the different digital business functions (.COM, CRM, Performance MKT), following up the commercial calendar, activations and promotions to help providing data, analysis and recommendation across all levels, including but not limited to sales performance, product performance, on-site user behavior, digital channels of performance marketing and email, and CRM user knowledge and behavioral trends. Analyzing campaign’s ROAs, CR%, Traffic, Returns and other relevant metrics.
? Google Analytics campaign reporting and on-site KPIs
? Cross-channel and On-site paths to conversion analysis
? Performance Marketing KPIS tracking like ROAS% and profitability reporting
? CRM KPIs analysis & structured reporting
? Attribution & Marketing mix Modeling Strategy.

Report on expenses accrued by digital activities against budgets and analyze effectiveness and comparable efficiency of actual resource allocations.

Support in building and maintaining an effective Reporting & Forecasting process which considers Company’s KPIs and eCommerce specific metrics, being responsible for timing and accuracy. Automation of reporting, data representation, and distribution.

Help identify patterns and trends in the data to make recommendations for improving website performance, increasing sales, and enhancing customer experience.

Collaborating with cross-functional teams, such as Business Technology, Product and Customer Service teams to identify areas for improvement and implement changes.

Supports and provides direction in determining the impact of new functionalities to existing business processes and system functionality. Analyzing different datasets to support data driven strategies, drive top performance and achieve kpi’s.

Estudis obligatoris

  • Administració d'Empreses
  • Administració d'Empreses i Turisme
  • Economia
  • Economia i Turisme
  • Administració d'Empreses i Dret

Estudis desitjables

  • Administració d'Empreses
  • Administració d'Empreses i Dret
  • Administració d'Empreses i Turisme
  • Economia
  • Economia i Turisme